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Whether working for the industry's leading music publishers, record labels or merchandising companies or the latest recording artists, songwriters, authors and designers our purpose remains the same.  The Royalty Consultancy is a customer focused organisation and aims to provide a set of bespoke services to meet the requirements of our client.


With over 35 years experience in royalty audit, investigation, administration and reporting our principals, Matt Clark and Roger La Haye, oversee each and every project from consultation through to completion.  Having worked for some of the world's largest entertainment organisations and many of the highest profile recording artists and songwriters, Matt Clark and Roger La Haye have a seasoned understanding of everything ‘royalties’.

Ranging from a desktop health check of a specific royalty statement accounting to a comprehensive royalty examination covering a specific catalogue or portfolio, our investigative services can be tailored to the specifics of our client's needs.  The Royalty Consultancy offers complete flexibility in regard to the analytical and reporting requirements of a project and works with each of our customers to provide a personalised service.

Our administration services span from supporting the royalty accounting obligations of the smaller rights owner or licensee/licensor to providing a full royalty processing and onward reporting function to meet the accounting cycle requirements of larger organisations.  The Royalty Consultancy provides all levels of support to the management of inward and outbound royalty streams and accounting.


Whether you are receiving a royalty statement for the first time or deal with royalty income streams on a daily basis, The Royalty Consultancy can assist with every royalty aspect of your business.


Please feel free to call or email us to discuss your specific requirements.


T: 01908 568800

E: matt.clark@theroyaltyconsultancy.com

E: roger.lahaye@theroyaltyconsultancy.com

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