The Royalty Consultancy LLP.

... comprehensive royalty audit services, forensic analysis and review...

De La Haye Royalty Services and The Royalty Consultancy combine forces to form The Royalty Consultancy LLP.

Two of the industry's leading royalty auditing companies have combined more than 35 years of experience and expertise to form The Royalty Consultancy LLP.  "The formation of the new partnership is a perfect blend of knowledge and practice, allowing us to offer a complete range of services, from royalty auditing and portfolio valuation to copyright advice and dispute resolution".


Royalty Analysis & Review_                                       

It is only natural to seek assurance that the income streams and royalty accountings you or your business receive are correct and in keeping with

the contractual terms that have been agreed.  


Whether you require a desktop review, a one-off health check or monitoring on an ongoing basis, the Royalty Consultancy offers a full range of analytical and investigative services that can be tailored to the exact requirements and budgets of our clients.

Royalty Audit Services              ___                          

Our royalty auditing services are designed to identify, value and report any potential omissions, inaccuracies, errors or misinterpretations that exist in the accounting of the royalty income streams that have been received by our clients.


The Royalty Consultancy offers a complete

royalty audit and examination service on any scale, involving every stage from data collation, preparatory analysis and on-site investigation through to the submission of a detailed royalty audit report, which we will then negotiate to the recovery and settlement of monies due.

Royalty Administration & Processing___                

Whatever your royalty administration and processing requirements The Royalty Consultancy
can tailor a royalty accounting and reporting package that meets your needs.


We can support the royalty accounting obligations of the smaller licensee through to the larger organisation, providing a full royalty processing and onward reporting function to meet our client's accounting cycle requirements.


Our administration services can be customised to the specific requirements and budgets of an individual or organisation.