Royalty Analysis & Review.

Be sure you are receiving the royalties you are due . . .


The Royalty Consultancy offers bespoke royalty analysis services at every level, from a one-off health check to a full desktop review.  Whether you are an individual seeking verification of the accuracy of
the royalties you have been reported or an organisation wishing to undertake a comprehensive
review of the incoming or outgoing royalty streams, The Royalty Consultancy can tailor a service to meet both your requirements and budget.  All our analytical and investigative services are undertaken with a professional, detailed and focused approach which is key to our business.

Various testing procedures are undertaken in order identify potential errors or omissions in accounting and accordance with contractual arrangements.


In all cases our clients are kept fully informed throughout each review and on completion a formalised
examination report will be delivered setting out the details of our findings.  The Royalty Consultancy are able to provide assistance in the negotiation and recovery of under-accounted royalties and undertake a full audit if deemed necessary.


Have you ever considered whether you are overpaying royalties. . .


It is common place for royalty recipients to employ professional services in order to verify and review the correctness of the income streams received.  However it is not common place for those accounting royalties to undertake similar analysis in order to ensure overpayments have not occured.  Yet it can be argued that the likelihood of an over-accounting of royalties is the same as an under-accounting of royalties.  For this reason, The Royalty Consultancy provides analytical services to licensees and rights users specifically designed to identify any potential over-accounting of royalties.

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