Royalty Audit Services.

Comprehensive Royalty Analysis and Forensic Investigation?

Through detailed forensic analysis of the royalty statements rendered to you under the terms of the Agreements and on-site investigation at the offices of your licensees and rights users, The Royalty Consultancy offers a full royalty examination service.


The capacity to undertake a full royalty audit will be set out within the Agreements and the contractual terms upon which this examination is to take place are detailed therein (this customarily includes the time limitations of the examination, classification of documentation open to review and any allowance for the payment of interest on audit claims and the recovery of the examination fees).  The Royalty Consultancy provides a full audit service designed to identify, value and report any potential omissions, inaccuracies, errors or misinterpretations that exist in the accounting of the royalty income streams that have been received by our clients.  A detailed royalty audit report will be prepared for submission, which we will then negotiate to the recovery and settlement of monies due.


In all instances our audit services are undertaken with full consideration for the importance and value of the business relationships that have been formed by our clients and any verification of the royalty income streams should enhance as opposed to impair these relations.


Nonetheless, it is not always the case that a full royalty examination is the most cost effective option and The Royalty Consultancy will always recommend an alternative service, such as a desktop review, if this is the case.

Have you or your organisation been the subject of a royalty audit?

The Royalty Consultancy can provide support with the investigation, validation and vindication against audit claims.  For further detail of the services we can provide and how these can be tailored to your exact requirements please contact us at: or


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